Strategic Plan 2023 - 2026 & July 2023 – June 2024 Work Plan

Full document here.

Vision, Mission and Values


Best possible health and wellbeing for people and whānau living with rare disorders in New Zealand/Aotearoa


To champion and amplify the collective voice of New Zealanders with rare disorders, advocating for access to world class and world leading health, disability, education and other services.


Aroha – we will demonstrate love, compassion, empathy and respect for people living with rare disorders and we will support and encourage our stakeholders to do likewise

Whakamana – we will advocate assertively and constructively with strength and resilience, supporting communities of people living with rare disorders to be similarly empowered

Manawa rahi – we will steadfastly and stout-heartedly maintain an unwavering evidence-based commitment to the RDNZ cause

Kotahitanga – we will exhibit unity, cohesion and collaboration both internally as a team of staff and volunteers, and externally in our relationships both with New Zealand’ s rare disorders community and supporters, and internationally.

Tiakitanga – we will do everything we can to sustain, protect and respect the viability and reputation of our organisation, our fellow team members, those living with rare disorders and the physical, cultural and spiritual environments which sustain us