Patient Services

Here are some of the services available in the health and disability sector in New Zealand:

Ministry of Health Disability Support Services information on the role of Disability Support Services, the disability support services we fund, current projects and programmes.

Your Guide to Disability Support Servicesa directory of general information, services and community support available for people who have a disability and their families.

Disability Support Guidedesigned to help parents and families of children and young people who have been recently diagnosed with a disability.

A Guide for Carers - offers practical help for people supporting family or friends who are older and need assistance, or who have a health condition,  a disability, an injury or mental health, alcohol and drug issues.

Patient Resources

Here are some resources you may find useful:

Online Community Support

On our Facebook page we share our latest news and keep you informed about important developments and events in the sector both nationally and internationally. Like us today.

We have a public Community Group on Facebook, which anyone in New Zealand with a rare disorder and their whānau can join to share stories and information, or just to connect with people going through similar experiences as yourself. Join the group today.

We have a private Facebook group specific to Māori who live with a rare disorder and their whānau to share stories, information and experiences. Request to join today.