Apr 6, 2020, 6:01 PM

A time of change, challenge and new ways of living face us all.

So much has happened since 25 March and many people are still reeling from the forced adjustment that has come with the lockdown. It’s been especially tough for many of you because it comes on top of the challenges you already face. The practical needs that are so much harder to fulfil.

My priority has been to reach out and let people know they are not alone and to aim to ensure you are all able to get the support you need.

Contact us at RDNZ on enquiries@raredisorders.org.nz if you need any help.

Many of you joined us for a live webinar on Thursday 9 April with Tracey Hancock, a Life Coach who has herself navigated through health challenges and faced her own fears. Tracey and I talked about the importance of acknowledging our thoughts and feelings, how to do this and some shared strategies to help you manage fear and stress.

Here is the link to view to the webinar: https://zoom.us/rec/share/68Z2EZPu-GpIBa_TxEHcZPYfTq__eaa8gXAf-aIPxEfCzEF5tbMTCkC_OLsPFBRj

Password: Resilient

One participant said "I realise I do many of these techniques daily, unconsciously. However, I had years of anxiety and stress during which I had to muddle through at cost to my health and wellbeing. I wish I had practised these techniques all those years ago."

I’m feeling fear, a natural and normal response to a situation like this. It’s an ominous ‘hanging’ feeling, waiting for what’s next, as well as the impact of needing to distance ourselves from others. I’ve noticed I hold my breath when passing someone in the street and have to remind myself to breathe deeply again.

I share that because it’s important to notice what we’re all thinking and feeling. Pushing it aside or pretending we’re okay will simply add to the fear and stress we might be feeling. Remember, you have a wealth of strength and courage to draw on to help you now. And we want to help this process by providing strategies and tools, and by encouraging the sharing of learnings, of challenge and triumph.

Together we are strong!

Lisa Foster

Chief Executive

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