Jul 16, 2022, 4:27 PM
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Rare Disorders NZ is delighted to be one of the newest partner charities of One Percent Collective. One Percent Collective provides a platform for people to donate regularly – subscription-style – to one or more of 16 approved and trusted Kiwi-based partner charities across a range of worthy causes.

Through the One Percent Collective platform, not only is it easy for the donor to sign-up and donate regularly, it is also incredibly valuable for charities, as it means less time spent fundraising, and more time on the issues at the heart of the charity’s work.

One Percent Collective encourages Kiwis to give just 1% of their income, which is about $10 a week on the average wage, but any donation big or small is welcome and they never ask for more than what is being given.

Over the past nine years over $3 million dollars has been raised for the partner charities, and they are now at a point where half a million is being raised for the Collective annually, impacting thousands of lives in Aotearoa and beyond.

If you are interested in joining hundreds of Kiwis regularly giving little amounts to causes they care about through One Percent Collective, find out more here

One Percent Collective

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