On 28 February 2020 - Rare Disease Day, RDNZ and our collective of support groups launched the Fair for Rare NZ campaign, calling for the development of a National Rare Disorder Framework.

The launch took place at Parliament and was hosted by Dr Liz Craig MP.

RDNZ and our 140 support groups are calling on New Zealanders to acknowledge the common challenges faced by people living with a rare disorder.

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Fair for Rare NZ campaign

“No country can claim to have achieved universal healthcare if it has not adequately and equitably met the needs of those with rare diseases.” Helen Clark, United Nations

Campaign resources

RDNZ has created resources to enable all people living with a rare disorder and their whānau to share their own story and support the Fair for Rare NZ campaign.

Meet your MP

Here is a toolkit of resources to help supporters meet their local MP to share their stories.

Campaign endorsement

This document outlines the campaign goals and has been endorsed by our collective and partners.