Jun 13, 2023, 11:08 PM
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Rare Disorders NZ joined a protest hikoi organised by Patient Voice Aotearoa on 7th June in Wellington to deliver a petition and open letter to the Government against the Therapeutic Products Bill.

The Therapeutic Products Bill, set to replace the Medicines Act 1981, is currently before the Health Select Committee and has received more than 16,500 submissions. While many agree that the Medicines Act 1981 needs updating, there are concerns that some of the wording in the Bill could lead to further barriers to accessing life-saving medicines in New Zealand. The petition and open letter to Government called for a pause to progressing the Therapeutic Products Bill and for consultation and engagement with relevant stakeholders to get the wording right.

Rare Disorders NZ was among the many submitters raising concerns about a number of aspects of the Bill in its current form. You can read the submission here.

Rare Disorders NZ was also one of 72 organisations supporting the open letter, which you can view below.


Open letter Therapeutic Products Bill

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