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#GlowUpShowUp       #DoRightByRare       #RareDisordersMonth

7000 different rare disorders 300000 live with a rare disorder 72% of rare disorders are genetic 50% affected are children

Social media captions

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It’s not rare to have a rare disorder. In Aotearoa, more than 300,000 people live with one of 7,000 rare disorders - that’s more than the population of Wellington.


March is Rare Disorders Month, a support period for the rare disorder community where Aotearoa is being called to Glow Up and Show Up for rare. As it stands in New Zealand, people with rare disorders often feel invisible in our healthcare system.


This month is a chance for Aotearoa to use our collective voices to raise meaningful awareness for rare disorders.


Glow up and Show up for Rare is all about shining a light on the urgent need for action in the rare disorders community. We stand with Rare Disorders NZ, rare disorder communities and support groups in Aotearoa, and we’ll be getting involved in Rare Disorders Month by [insert activities]. 


Through raising money and maintaining visibility, together we can bring rare disorders out of the darkness, and into the light.


Visit raredisorders.org.nz and follow @RareDisordersNZ to see more on how to get involved in Rare Disorders Month. 


We are proud of [insert community group name]’s involvement across Rare Disorders Month which has taken place throughout March. 


Glow up and Show up for Rare is all about shining a light on the urgent need for action for the rare disorder community. 


Throughout March, we were able to raise awareness by  [list activities and events] and fundraised [insert $ amount] for Rare Disorders NZ.


Check out this picture of [insert image details. E.g. our community’s #GlowUpShowUp, proudly wearing their Rare Disorders Month tattoos.]


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