Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa; EBS; EB Simplex; EBS Localised; EBS Dowling Meara; EBS Muscular dystrophy; EBS Autosomal recessive; EBS Superficialis; EBS lethal acantholytic; EBS plakophilin-1 deficiency; EBS pyloric atresia; EBS Ogna; EBS mottled pigmentation; EBS migratory circinate; Junctional EB; JEB Herlitz; JEB nonHerlitz; JEB pyloric atresia; JE inversa; JEB late onset; Dominant Dystrophic EB; DDEB generalized; DDEB acral; DDEB pretibial; DDEB nails only; DDEB bullous dermolysis of the newborn; Recessive Dystrophic EB; RDEB severe generalized; RDEB pruriginosa; RDEB pretibial; RDEB inversa; RDEB centripetalis; Kindler Syndrome

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