A huge thank you to Phil & Teds, the NZ baby buggy and car seat company, who are generously allowing us to share their office in Newtown free of charge.

Through their charitable initiative, Buggies for Good, our friends at Phil & Teds and Mountain Buggy have rehomed over 500 juvenile products to families and communities in need. 

Along with the company’s sample product and seconds stock, the organisation collects pre-loved Phil & Teds and Mountain Buggies from around the world. All are given a warrant of fitness to ensure they’re in good working order, before being donated back into the community. 

The benefit of a donated buggy is enormous, not only for the parents’ wellbeing, but also the development of their child. It means parents can leave the house with baby in tow – attend medical appointments and post-natal health checks, join a playgroup, visit the shops, or even take the kids to the park.

Additionally, the durability and robust nature of the company's designs means families can house oxygen tanks in buggy gear trays, ventilator equipment in the duet buggy’s joey tote bag, or use a buggy as a means of transport, as opposed to your traditional wheelchair.

If you know a family in need, simply email, and team BFG will be in touch!